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Bend Rock Gym Yoga Classes

Free for Members, $8.00 Drop in for Non-Members

Bend Rock Gym has a full host of yoga classes for beginners and seasoned experts alike! Whether you are thinking about giving yoga a try or are looking for a great way to improve your flexibility and overall climbing, yoga at BRG is the perfect option for you. Check out our monthly calendar below for a full list yoga classes at BRG.

Mondays: Noon-1:00pm – Breath + Balance
Instructor: Megan Marie
This class focuses on recovery/flexibility coupled with breath/balance. The yoga postures will be tailored to a climbers body and minds needs with chest openers, rehabilitation and strengthening for the wrists, fingers, forearms and shoulders. You can expect a more gentle vinyasa flow between playing with our balance and holding more intensely rejuvenating asanas. We will end with some specific yogic breathing techniques that can be used to help you crush on the wall or just in life. This is a great class to either begin or end your climbing session!

Mondays: 6:15-7:30pm – Yoga Basics
Instructor: Jennifer Abrahams
This is the best class for those new to yoga and everyone interested in reviewing the essential elements of the practice. This class will focus on shapes of postures, principles of alignment, using the breath, developing mind-body awareness and the language of the practice. This class is not flow-based except for traditional sun salutations. It will end with purposeful, guided, deep relaxation so the practitioner leaves feeling integrated and grounded. The tools acquired in this class are applicable to all other yoga practices, sports and life in general!

Tuesdays: 7:30am-8:30am – Good Morning Vinyasa Flow
Instructor: Renee Hamilton
In this all levels vinyasa flow class, movement will be coordinated with breathe to create a sense of ease and relaxation. Strength and vitality will be created via the yoga postures. The class will begin slowly to wake up the body and then intensity will increase to energize the mind and body. The class will end in final relaxation leaving you ready for your day. You can expect to feel energized, but yet calm!

Tuesdays: 5:30pm-6:30pm – Vinyasa Power Hour
Instructor: Jennifer Wall
Jennifer Wall is certified through the Yoga Lab in Bend, Oregon. Through her training with Ulla Lundgren, Rebecca Bell, Aleta Adams, and others–brought in for their specialties ranging from anatomy to chakra to sutras–she has embraced the fullness of yoga and is excited to share this with her students. Her passion in yoga lies in nourishing self-awareness and the beauty in change that happens every time she arrives on the mat. Vinyasa flow ignites fire within, energy, muscles and subtle body. Her energetic approach is sure to make you sweat, laugh and end class feeling really good. When she is not in the yoga room, she is working, playing A LOT with her two kids, running outdoors, cycling, training for races with her friends, playing the piano every now and then, and loving her husband, dog Hank and the rest of life Bend has to offer.

Wednesdays: Noon-1:00pm – Strength and Posture
Instructor: Megan Marie
Wednesday’s class will help seasoned climbers get strong(er) and newcomers build a solid base. Endurance building vinyasas will be combined with strengthening postures that will challenge your core and balance. We will end with some recovery asanas specific to a climbers bodies needs. Some fire breathing techniques will help you to power through this more intense but playful yogi climbers class.

Wednesdays: 6:15pm-7:30pm – Breath + Balance Level 2
Instructor: Megan Marie
Join instructor Megan Marie for some rejuvenating postures for working out upper back and shoulders, forearms, wrists/fingers, and other climbers ailments. This class also includes meditative sequences and longer holding asanas to assist in strengthening the mind and releasing tensions in the body.

Thursdays: 7:30am-8:30am – Strength and Posture Level 2
Instructor: Megan Marie
Expect to hold postures for longer and learn breathing techniques to get you through your life cruxes. All while building strength and endurance to help you send your projects. Some sweating and smiles will be had! Your abs, upper back, and forearms will thank you for all the work at the end of each class with some rejuvenating postures and a longer Sivasana.

Thursdays: 6:15pm-7:30pm – All Levels Power Vinyasa Flow
Instructor: Renee Hamilton
In this power vinyasa flow class, movement is coordinated with breathe to create a sense of ease and relaxation while strength is built via the yoga postures. Emphasis will be put on strengthening the core and opening the shoulders and hips (perfect for climbers!). Smiles are also encouraged as a sense of playfulness and mindfulness will be brought into the class as well. You can expect to sweat, build strength and have fun!

Saturdays: 11:30am-12:30pm – Flow and Restore Yoga
Instructor: Danielle Meyers
Danielle Meyers teaches a flow and restore yoga class geared towards climbers. Danielle is certified in Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa and has been developing her practice for six years. She enjoys the mental and athletic side of climbing and yoga. Anyone interested in the class is welcome, beginners to avid yogis will have a great time. It’s a fun, simple class with the only expectation of feeling better at the end of the practice. Danielle recommends you come with a smile and honor your body as it is today, knowing that is it different everyday.

Yoga clinics are now available!