BRG Massage Therapist: Quincey

Quincey Sigona

 Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports, Shiatsue

Certifications: Cupping and Gua Sha License #023551

About Quincey: Quincey has always loved working with her hands. Once she decided to become a massage therapist, she knew she had finally found her life’s calling. Focusing on therapeutic, sports, and eastern treatments, she is able to create a massage environment that will be best suited for your needs. She hopes to aid in your healing process whether you’re injured, have been in an accident, or are just looking for some warmth and comfort. Quincey will strive to always listen and be compassionate while working with you on your journey to overall well-being.

Standard Rates

30 minute massage – $40
60 minute massage – $70
90 minute massage – $100

Package Deals:

30 minute massage x 3 – $100
60 minute massage x 3 – $190
90 minute massage x 3 – $280

The above rates include cupping, guasha, and moxa. The below rates are for cupping, guasha or moxa only:

30 minute cupping, guasha, or moxa – $30
60 minute cupping, guasha, or moxa – $45

Accepts cards, checks, or cash.

Call or email Quincey to book a session.