Meet Your Coaches

Coach Jess
Youth Programs Director

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our wonderful team of coaches that we have here at the Bend Rock Gym. A little about me, I have been BRG's Youth Programs Director for the past five years. Working with youth has been part of my heart and soul for the last nine years. I have worked with youth in many different capacities, climbing being one of my favorite! I was born and raised in Oregon, graduated with a Health Education Degree from Southern Oregon in 2013, and have lived in Bend since 2014. When I am not at work, you can find me climbing mountains, training for triathlons, paddle boarding, and spending time with my wonderful partner and beautiful daughter whom we just welcomed into this world in February. I am beyond grateful for my position at BRG, the community we live in, and each kiddo that has and will be part of our programs. Additional Qualifications: Bachelors of Science in Health Education; AMGA SPI Course Completion; Wilderness First Aid Responder

Coach Cayla
Youth Programs Coordinator
Coach Cayla’s the name! Nice to meet you! I am very new to Bend and couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by like minded people. I am thrilled to be working at BRG, because climbing is a huge, all encompassing part of my life and I hope to be able to share my general stoke with others! Climbing is a huge outlet for me to be able to focus and tune out all other worries and concerns that day-to-day life brings to each of us. Climbing is a way to be in tune with your body and mind all at once and is an absolute cure for any bad mood. I started climbing at the Warehouse Rock Gym in Olympia, Washington just for fun but once I started I couldn’t stop. I hope to help others find the feeling of self assurance and confidence that climbing can bring. On a simpler note, I love all types of climbing (especially at Smith), mountain biking, skiing and going on ridiculously long walks with my pup Sitka Spruce. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I’m ridiculously excited to help be a part of promoting such incredible physical activity for kids of all ages here at BRG. Additional Qualifications: Wilderness First Aid Responder Certified
Coach Ross
Lead Instructor
I, Ross hails from Portland, Oregon. I am a TRUE OREGONIAN! I moved to Bend for amazing climbing and to go to school here. I began climbing thanks to a strong sense of curiosity and the climbing wall at OSU. My short term climbing goal is to flash every 5.10 in the Lower Gorge. Long term I plan to climb a big wall, send a 5.12 trad line, and of course visit Spain! My favorite type of climbing is long traditional climbs and some of my favorite routes include Classic Crack and Red Eye at Broughton’s Bluff (Portland). My favorite part about working at Bend Rock Gym is interacting with everyone in the awesome Bend climbing community and most definitely working with all the kiddos, because I get to act like one! I recommend checking out The Trad Climber’s Bible for anyone looking for some inspiration. Additional Qualifications: AMGA SPI Certified Guide; Wilderness First Aid Responder Certified; BSA Climbing DIrector; ACCT Level 1; Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Outdoor Leadership
Coach Daniel
Hey, Coach Daniel here. After spending my years growing up in Central California, and exploring that region in depth; I have recently moved to the Pacific Northwest to explore all the adventures and goodness that this area has to offer. I have been avidly climbing since 2011 and have truly found joy in sharing my passion for the outdoors with others. Working with kiddos all my life has shown me just how amazing kids are at overcoming fears and growing through experiences. I love seeing all of the kids in our programs learn about how truly capable they are. When I am not at the gym I can be found teaching kids how to snowboard at Mt. Bachelor, sampling all of Bend's wonderful cuisine, or looking for new fun ways to get outside and explore. Additional Qualifications: AMGA SPI Certified Guide; Wilderness First Aid Responder Certified
Coach Gabe
Hi I'm coach Gabe, I am currently a student at COCC and OSU Cascades studying tourism and outdoor leadership. I have been climbing trees and anything that looks scale-able my whole life, but only began serious indoor and rope climbing by working at ClubSport Oregon up near Portland my sophomore year of high school. Bend has inspired me to pursue a career in outdoor leadership and the Bend Rock Gym has shown me the amazing community of like-minded individuals who come here to enjoy amazing adventures!
Coach Megan
Hi I’m coach Megan or Ms. Zullo for any of my Bear Creek students! I was born and raised here in the beautiful Bend Oregon and love it too much to leave. I just graduated from OSU Cascades with my Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching and hope to be teaching in the Bend La Pine school district. I was introduced to, and quickly fell in love with climbing in December 2017 and haven’t stopped climbing since. I’m a child at heart and love working with children of all ages. I’m excited to be a part of the summer coaching staff and can’t wait to meet all my campers!
Coach Bryce
Hello, I'm Coach Bryce! I'm a Bend local going to school at COCC. My deep love for rock climbing began about 2 years ago after spontaneously going to BRG, since then I have been hooked. I've spent the majority of my time climbing since. Climbing has taught me so much and has helped me in all areas of my life. I feel climbing teaches you how failure is a part of success and, with persistence and positive thinking, anything can be accomplished. My goal is to influence the kiddos to find their love for climbing, educate them on the standards for safety and ethics, and allow them to become their best selves.
Coach Sarah

Hey, I’m Sarah! I am from North Carolina (and have a lot a great things to say about it if you’re curious...) and have settled here in Bend after a few post-grad adventures. I came to Bend to establish some roots and to give back to the community and I am psyched to be here! Truly, climbing, the outdoors, and moving my body make me the happiest in all the land. I learned to climb in the mountains of North Carolina (sweet ole Appalachia) and it has been a true light in my life ever since. When I’m not working, find me climbing whatever I can get my hands on, running around in the mountains, or cozied up with a book. Other passions of mine include conservation, diversity in the outdoors, and programming (both indoors and out) for all populations. I am excited to meet all of you kiddos and kiddos at heart! Let’s get climbin! Additional Qualifications: AMGA SPI Certified Guide; Wilderness First Aid Responder Certified

Coach Megan

Hello! I’m Megan! I am an Oregonian born and raised, originally hailing from just outside of Salem. I relocated to Bend after finishing a degree in Adventure Education and spending all my free time climbing around the Southwest, Washington, and Colorado. I first learned to climb 10 years ago through a class at UO and fell in love with the exploration and personal challenge the sport offers. Since then, I have found my niche of interest in long, multi-pitch traditional climbs and trying to perfect the art of moving quickly and refining rope management and system skills. Outside of my coaching at the Bend Rock Gym, I have worked with youth programming since 2009 and as an outdoor climbing instructor for a youth adventure program in Colorado since 2015. With my coaching at BRG, I hope to help foster the same sense of exploration and excitement I first felt (and continue to feel) when I started climbing. Additional Qualifications: Wilderness First Aid Responder Certified; Bachelor of Arts in Adventure Education

Coach Zowie

Hi!!! Washingtonian-transplant Coach Zowie here J I know I should say I’ve moved to Bend for the climbing… but really it was for the ocean rolls. When not stuffing my face at The Sparrow Bakery or playing at the gym I enjoy delicate face climbs, solid hand jams, and placing my very own Totems (alllll two of them). When not climbing, you can find me romping with my two doggos, studying, interning at a local counseling center, studying, editing my climbing ladies’ podcast, studying, knitting while watching Brooklyn 99 reruns with my hubby, studying, and also studying! I am a super fun coach and have a natural ability to relate to kids on their level while modeling and maintaining healthy and respectful boundaries. I look forward to working with you and your littles! Additional qualifications: BA in Sustainable Ag, mid-MA in Counseling

Coach Logan

Whats up everyone, I'm coach Logan. I grew up in sunny southern California and moved to Bend in 2016 to live closer to the outdoors and let my inner mountain man come out. I discovered my knack for climbing things at a young age, mostly trees in my neighborhood and local ocean cliff jumping spots. I started to really hone in my skills at BRG about 2 years ago. I am super pumped to pass on my experience to others. I love how climbing is equal part mental and physical strength, it adds to the challenge and makes each climb different. When I'm not climbing, you might find me running on a trail, photographing nature, or taking a nap with my black cat, Maple. I studied outdoor leadership at COCC and hope to get my bachelor's from OSU Cascades in the future. Before being a coach at BRG, I worked at a trampoline gym, aquarium, hostel, as an ice cream scooper, and most recently a kayaking guide in Grand Teton National Park! I'm excited to continue sharing my passion for the outdoors as a part of my job

Coach Susan

Hi, I’m Coach Susan. I started rock climbing 3+ years ago and quickly discovered that I like climbing, but I love crack climbing. I’ve spent many hours on the wall in Yosemite and Squamish. I’ve found climbing to be an amazing way to connect with nature and like-minded adventure enthusiasts. I moved to Bend, Oregon last year and have been exploring climbing routes, hot springs, good places to snow camp and the many lakes and rivers to stand up paddleboard. Besides coaching climbing I’m also a personal trainer, handstand coach, yoga and AcroYoga teacher and I love to juggle. Let’s play!

Coach Nolan

Hey, there, Nolan here! Relativity new to Oregon, I am one of those California transplant you’ve probably been hearing about. I moved here in Bend to grow some roots and to peruse the art of rock climbing and to find a place of balance through an active and healthy lifestyle. I first got into the sport of climbing when I was 11 and had discovered the local rock gym was only a bike ride away. I soon found this to be fulfilling as a passion and took to the sport as my go-to activity. I grew as a young lad into my adulthood through this inspiring sport. The guidance that the gym staff and members brought me, friendships that grew, and how the love from the climbing community brought the best out of everyone. I started as a camp coach volunteer and worked my way up as the head youth coach when was 20. Now, in my young adulthood, I find the trials and tribulations of being raised a climber has helped me in so many intangible ways; it is my goal to continue as a rock climber and community member, so I may share what I have learned on my journey. I have been climbing for more than half my life, and I have never gotten a bore from it yet! Here’s to BRG!!