Bend Rock Gym Summer Camp Terms and Conditions

(1) Waivers

All participants must have a completed Bend Rock Gym waiver on file that has been filled out by their legal guardian or parent. Please fill out the waiver HERE.

(2) Dropping off and picking up

We will not allow any person who is not on the emergency or pick up list to pick up a child. Please ensure anyone that could possibly pick up, especially in an emergency situation is on the list (first name, last name, number).

(3) Refunds And Payments

Full payment is due at time of registration. No refunds, full or partial, will be given for camps missed. We will not prorate camp. Once a booking is made, 50% of your payment is non-refundable. 100% of your payment is non-refundable if cancellation is made less than 72 hours before the start of event. Rare exceptions may be made for emergency situations at the discretion of Bend Rock Gym Youth Programs Director and Director of Operations. In case of a camp cancellation by Bend Rock Gym we will refund 100% of your payment. 

(4) Discounts

At this time we do not offer any sibling discounts or scholarships.

(5) Camp Communication

Communication to parents or guardians will be conducted primarily through email. When signing up please ensure you have entered in a valid email address. If an email address needs to be updated please call the front desk at 541-388-6764 and have them update it immediately. Only one email is allowed to be kept on file per participant. Once your participant is signed up for camp, you will receive a booking message with critical information pertaining to that given camp. Additionally, you will receive a camp information reminder via email a few days before the start of the camp your participant is signed up for.

(6) Snacks and Lunch

You are responsible to supply your child with a healthy, large lunch, including many snacks.  If your child has a severe allergy please be sure that BRG staff have been informed. Participants will have access to popsicles, candy, popcorn, and graham crackers. If you are not wanting your child to have access to the above foods or any other food item, please inform BRG staff.  

(7) Allergies 

Parents of guardians are required to inform BRG staff if their children have any allergies (bees, foods, grass, etc.) and are required to provide details with regards to what the allergy is and the reaction the participant will have. We do not have an epipen on the premises.  

(8) Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be turned in to the camp staff during check in. All medications must be in the original packaging. Parents/Guardians are asked to provide additional instructions or descriptions of special needs when the medications are turned in. Certain medications, such as inhalers and epipens, still need to be checked in, however they will be given to the child or coach to keep with them, per the instructions of parent or guardian.

(9) Sunscreen

Families are responsible to apply the first layer of sunblock before a child participates in camp each day. Send your participant with his or her own sunblock in a ziplock bag for them apply to themselves throughout the day. Participants will spend prolonged amounts of time in the sunshine throughout the week.  

(10) Discipline Policy

Bend Rock Gym reserves the right to dismiss a child for behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for the staff to meet his/her needs and/or the needs of other children in the group. Safety of the participants is our number one concern and if at anytime a particular participant creates a safety issue, immediate dismissal will be necessary. This will occur without a refund (or portion thereof) or credit towards a future program. This will occur only after parent/staff discussion has occurred. We have a zero tolerance for violence in our facility. If we encounter violent action from a participant, the parent/guardian will be notified and the participant will be removed from our programs immediately.

(11) Camp Participant Photos

We will be taking photos of your child throughout camp. We will be sharing these photos to all camp participants and families in order for you to have access to everything your child experienced during their camp week. Please fill out the photography release prior to camp HERE. Please notify the Youth Programs Director if there is a concern or issue with taking photos of your child. Participants are allowed to have personal cameras to better document their experience – we encourage it!

(12) Lost and Found

If an item was left behind during camp, this item will be kept behind the BRG front desk in our lost and found bins. Items are kept for up to 30 days from when they are found.

(13) Weather Policy

Bend Rock Gyms goal is to keep camps running whenever possible. In the case of extreme conditions at Smith (heat, smoke, rain, etc.), outdoor camps will move indoors for the day. In case of extreme conditions (heat, smoke, rain, etc.) indoor camps will move all outdoor activities indoors.  

(14) Emergencies

In case of outdoor or indoor emergencies, Bend Rock Gym staff have an Emergency Action Plan in place to assure the emergencies are handled effectively and efficiently. The emergency contacts of the involved participants will be called immediately and informed of the incident and plan of action should one occur. All staff have a current CPR/First Aid or hold a Wilderness First Aid Responder or Wilderness First Aid certifications through Adventure Medics or another accredited company.