By Cauri Hammer, BRG Front Desk

Thank you for being there, standing ominously above me,
Eliciting such allure,
Making my bones shutter with intense longing
For something I can’t quite define,
Thank you for healing my body when it aches for movement,
Thank you for reminding me to stay healthy and strong,
Sturdy, steadfast,
Thank you for never caring that I am female,
Thank you for never taking it easy on me because I am,
Thank you for catering to my love of tiny crimps and dance-like foot moves,
Thank you for never caring about my choice of wardrobe,
Thank you for never encouraging me to hide in the shadows,
How can I move upwards if I don’t stand in the light,
Giving all of myself to you?
Thank you for balancing me,
Totally aligning my mind with my body,
Thank you for the hilarious thought commentary:
“Oh, that’s no good…where are my hands?…Gosh this rock is beautiful…Wait, check out that sunset. Shoot, my foot. Oh, wait…YASSSS”
*Sigh of relief as I my hands fall onto two crimpy knobs*
Thank you for tearing my fingers apart,
Showing me that the journey isn’t meant to be easy,
Thank you for teaching me that sometimes it’s just not meant to be,
“Try again another day,” you say,
Thank you for the ledges and jugs of relief–these crucial moments of rest that allow me to progress,
Thank you for the challenge,
Thank you for the kind souls that have entered my life because of you,
The friendships,
The landscapes I’ve seen because of you,
Thank you for reminding me of how small I am in this world and of how much I have to learn.